You certainly have to turn your eyes on Prague, if you haven’t done that already. The city is a compact treasurebox of various architectural styles from the past centuries. At the same it has become a thriving metropolis that has almost made up for the dire years during socialism. Since I started travelling to the city more frequently, I’ve been growing more fond each visit. This post features photos I made during my trips between 2014 and 2017, in different seasons of the year.

Of course, there are the tourist classics, which shouldn’t be missed. Old Town, Charles Bridge, the Hradčany, are all within walking distance. The Mala Strana side of the river offers spectacular views of the old town. While the castle is the most popular sight, don’t forget to go to Letna Park to enjoy the view to the South. Petřín offers a view to the East.

[wppa type=”mphoto” photo=”197″ size=”auto,600″ align=”center”]View from Letna Park[/wppa]

Prague is also famous for its Jewish Quarter located in Josefov in the Old Town. Certainly not to miss is the Jewish Cemetary, which can become very busy. Pay a visit to the synagogues, like the Spanish, with its gorgeous ceiling.

All around the city you will see fantastic examples of different architectural styles, all with the special Czech twist. Not only is the city famous for some of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in Europe, but also for some notable modern architecture from the socialist era until now.

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Around Prague

Don’t stop at the city limits: the Czech countryside is full of natural, historic, and architectural gems. Approximately 30 km South-West lies Karlštejn castle, a site with major historical significance for Czechia.

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Once it hosted the Bohemian Crown Jewels as well as the Imperial Regalia of the Holy Roman Empire, whereas now it serves as a tourist magnet. You will see a number of small shops and restaurants along the road to the castle, frequented by flocks of tourists. But the views of the castle from below, and from the top of the hill, certainly are worth it.

Winter can be very enchanting, in the city, as well as on the countryside. Much of the surroundings of Prague are situated at a slightly higher elevation above sea level. Weather can become chilly, and foggy conditions occur more frequently.

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